MtnV Entrance

Headquartered in Bridgeport, West Virginia, Mountain V Oil & Gas, Inc. was founded in March 1994 by Steve and Mike Shaver to acquire and develop oil and gas reserves in the Appalachian Basin.

Mountain V Oil & Gas, Inc. is a privately held exploration and production that has operated in the Appalachian Basin for over 24 years.  The company has been successful during its 24 year history operating in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, acquiring and divesting over 2,011 wells and drilling more than 591 wells (primarily in the Upper Devonian Formation).

Working to meet the energy needs of tomorrow

Mountain V currently owns and operates 1,845 wells in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee producing primarily from the Upper Devonian, Oriskany and Marcellus Shale formations, and holds approximately 127,794 +/- acres with approximately 107,112 +/- acres which are held by production.

During our 24-year history, we have provided drilling, well servicing, and pipeline construction for ourselves as well as for many small and large oil and gas companies, through several wholly owned subsidiaries.  Even though we provided roustabout services to ourselves during those years, we did not offer that particular service to our customers.  However, in 2013 Mountain V started providing roustabout services to other oil and gas operators and that quality service continues today.