Steve Shaver (1945-2006)


A native of Weston, West Virginia, Steve had more than 35 years of experience in oil and gas operations in the Appalachian Basin. He began his career as a logging trainee with Lane Wells and proceeded in this line of work with Basin Surveys as a logging engineer. He became part of the Pacific States Oil and Gas drilling managerial team from 1977 to 1978.

He continued to work in the Appalachian Basin with other companies and became Vice President of Operations for Eastern American Energy Corporation.

Steve Shaver was the Co-founder and President of Mountain V from 1994-2006.

In 1994 Steve started Mountain V with son, Mike Shaver, to acquire and develop oil and gas reserves in the Appalachian Basin with an emphasis in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. He was instrumental in the growth and success of Mountain V.

Steve is survived by his son Mike, two granddaughters, and two brothers.

Of all the titles and positions he held throughout his life, he considered “Grandfather” the most important.