Diverse Asset Ownership

Operating OverSeven States

Mountain V is a leading privately owned independent energy company with assets in the Appalachian Basin. We acquire and drill long-life assets producing reliable and responsible natural gas – a catalyst fuel for today and tomorrow. With a strategic footprint spread across seven states, Mountain V prides itself in providing affordable energy to fuel America forward.

With a vast acreage position of over 300,000 leasehold acres, Mountain V can drill safe, efficient, and repeatable conventional and unconventional wells. Being vertically integrated across a majority of the value chain generate predictable operating performance at lower costs, deliver reliable free-cash flows and generate investor returns.

How We OperateDifferently

We Own Our Equipment
We Own Our Equipment

Mountain V owns a fleet of service rigs, swab rigs and other equipment optimizing capital requirements.

We Own Our Midstream Facilities
We Own Our Midstream Facilities

Mountain V owns 600+ miles of pipeline to transport production in a cost-efficient manner

We Have In-House Operators & Engineering
We Have In-House Operators & Engineering

Mountain V has 85 experienced employees that handle all aspects of a drilling and operating program

Contributing to U.S. Energy

AnAll AmericanCompany

Mountain V’s business model, to acquire and optimize existing assets, positions the Company to thrive in the evolving energy transition and to deploy solutions to industry challenges. Our portfolio consists of stable, low-decline production of primarily natural gas from mature assets within Appalachia delivers sustainable investor returns as the result of our emphasis on enhancing production, extending well life and strengthening environmental performance.

Wells Drilled
Wells in production
Cubic feet proved gas reserves
Barrels of Proved Oil Reserves
Assets, Capacity & Locations

IntelligentResource Allocation

Mountain V is focused on the efficient production and flow from our wells and midstream assets ensuring lower production declines decrease operating costs, improve asset integrity and generate higher free cash flow generation. Mountain V’s Intelligent resource allocation philosophy is simply good business. We recognize that no single improvement to an upstream well or midstream pipeline is too small to matter because small daily improvements across our entire portfolio can lead to significant cumulative gains and added value for our Company and our Investors

Organically Owned Gathering Systems

600+ Miles ofInfrastructure

Designed to meet the demands of our operations, is crafted to transport resources swiftly and securely to long-Haul Interstate pipelines and liquid market hubs while guaranteeing reliability and scalability.

A network of 13 high pressure and 25 low pressure compressor stations engineered to optimize efficiency and maximize productivity ensures seamless operations across our various geographical areas.

Using the latest drilling and completion techniques


Successfully drilled 12 Horizontal Wells in the Marcellus, Upper Devonian and Weir Formations. 

Traditional vertical wells go straight down into the ground to access the gas reserves, but horizontal wells are drilled horizontally through the productive formation, allowing for increased contact with the reservoir and better access to the gas.

Horizontal gas wells offer several advantages over vertical wells such as increased production, improved drainage, reduced surface footprint, enhanced reservoir management and increased economic benefits.

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